Saturday, May 27, 2006

Home Brew Balanced Tuner

See comments at the bottom of this page for more information about this project.
Inductors are in parallel- The box is an un used fire alarm control panel from my work.

The fire alarm control panel made a nice enclosure.

The plexiglass viewing lid from the FACP makes it nice to see the relays as they are picked. The choke is under the round, white plastic lid. I power the relays with 24vdc.

Left to right: Inductors, 16 position cap switch, C1 and C2

This tuner was not only a fun project, but it is a very usefull tool in my shack. The design is not mine. WA7NAN suggested the layout and componets. I was able to cobble it together. The inductors and one of the Caps are from Ten Tec - The other cap is from my junk Box.
I used a diode matrix to switch in 16 different values of capacitance from the 4 door knob caps. This really give a lot of lattitude to the tuner. The Balun, or actually it's a choke, is on the transmitter side of the circuit - so it does not deal with the huge mismatchs that other designs face with the balun on the antenna side.
I use a 160 meter dipole and an 80 meter delta loop with 450 ohm ladder line. An external relay picks the feed line to connect to the tuner. I use an AL-572 - and have never had any arching or smoke at any frequency.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

This Blog is dedicated to Ham Radio. I will post a few pictures of my station here. I have been an active ham for nearly 29 years now. My Ham Radio Call Letters are: KR7Q I enjoy the "old fashion" mode of morse code. I have made contacts all over the world using this tried and true mode of communication. Another aspect of ham radio that I enjoy is building wire antennas. But, I must say the one commercialy built antenna that I have is amzing. It is a 4 element steppir yagi. It is on a 60 foot, tower that cranks down and folds over. The heartbeat of my station is the TenTec Orion -It is a new generation of "software defined radio". It has an amazing reciever. This station continues to pour out hours of enjoyment for me. If you are intersted in Ham Radio or if you have questions about anything you see here - please email me. 73 & good DX! DennisLane KR7Q

This is the 4 element steppir Yagi. The elements are 36 feet across and the boom is 32 feet long.